What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?
Counselling and Psychotherapy is a contractual activity that takes place between a therapist and the client. The meeting is private and confidential and offers the opportunity for the client to explore concerns and issues that may be impacting on their lives.

It is difficult to give a clear definition of the difference between psychotherapy and counselling, however counselling often places the focus on specific areas of concern. This may be within a short or longer term contract.

Psychotherapists generally have completed a longer in-depth training and often work with early developmental issues and difficult patterns of relating. This is longer term work often up to 2 or more years.

The essential healing aspect of any form of psychological therapy is through the relationship that is built between the therapist and the client.

Sessions can be face to face, skype or telephone. A 30 minute telephone introductory session is offered free of charge.

It is more appropriate to meet for weekly sessions face to face sessions. This is essential to support the challenges to the internal psychological system that may emerge through in depth personal exploration. Once the therapeutic relationship is established then Skype sessions may be incorporated into the work.